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Homeopathy is a well established healing system in Europe and parts of Asia. Known to the ancient Greeks, the modern system of homeopathy was introduced by a brilliant German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in the nineteenth century.

Today Homeopathy is well accepted as a safe and effective, alternative form of medical treatment. Homeopathy is a healing process in which the remedies stimulate and encourage the body's natural healing forces of recovery. Homeopathic medicines are completely safe with no unwanted side effects and they are non-addictive. They are safe for babies, children and elderly people. 

The homeopathic principle of treating like with like is based on treating an illness with a substance that produces in a healthy person similar symptoms to those experienced by the sick person. Conventional medicine believes that symptoms are caused by the illness, whereas homeopathy sees the symptoms as the body's natural reaction in fighting the illness, and seeks to stimulate them rather than suppress them. 

Healing Alternatives specializes in Clinical Homeopathy. Utilizing professionally regulated combination remedies, manufactured according to strict FDA guidelines, that work together to provide multi-symptom relief from many common ailments.


Developed by Dr. Heinz Reckeweg, a medical doctor and homeopath, in 1955, Homotoxicology is seen as a continuation of the homeopathic theories of Hahnemann. In homotoxicology, diseases are considered to be ultimately caused by toxins, whether toxic chemicals, bacterial, viral, fungal, or post-traumatic cellular debris. Furthermore, disease symptoms are said to be the result of the body’s attempt to heal itself and should not necessarily be suppressed.

The goal of Homotoxicology is to reduce the burden of toxicity in the system and restore the body’s own regulatory mechanisms. Using a six phase table of disease, the practitioner is able to determine where to start therapy and how to evaluate the results of treatment.

Acupoint Injection Therapy

Acupoint Injection Therapy is one of the more integrated treatment strategies available to us in the 21st century. It is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. AIT is a combination therapy, using solutions of vitamins or homeopathic remedies, approved by the FDA, directly injected into case-specific acupuncture points or trigger points for pain.

Injection therapy is an invaluable tool for acute conditions such as infectious diseases, trauma from sports or accidents, and low back pain. This technique is very effective when patients want quick relief from unpleasant symptoms. Lisa Beaury AP/DOM is certified by the State of Florida to practice injection therapy.