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Herbal and Nutritional Services

The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to take responsibility for their own health, and a greater interest in the role played by nutrition, through both diet and supplementation. You can no longer depend on food alone to provide all the nutrition you need to stay healthy. A large body of research has clearly demonstrated that the nutrients found in dietary supplements reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve quality of life, and increase longevity. We know that true health is learned and earned. It is not a gift, but a process of continuous improvement.

Whether it’s relief from certain physical ailments you seek, or to build health to improve the quality of your life, the experts at Healing Alternatives are here to educate and guide you on the path to optimal health.

Quality Matters

We, at Healing Alternatives, strongly believe that uncompromising quality of supplements is an obligation, not an option. We use only supplements from manufacturers that are acknowledged quality leaders in the industry. Purity, safety and effectiveness are top priority. Therefore, products used are primarily pharmaceutical grade professional formulas available through licensed health care professionals only. We take our commitment to your health seriously; therefore our products are not distributed without a consultation with one of our practitioners. By placing in your hands the finest quality herbs and nutritional supplements we give you the tools you need to take charge of your health and to look and feel your best. For more information, please contact our office.

Nutritional status is determined by Applied Kinesiology

One of the basic principles of natural health is the importance of listening to your body. One important way to listen to your body is to use applied kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology (also known as Muscle Response Testing) is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body's structural, physical, and nutritional needs. In addition, Kinesiology can detect allergies, toxic overload and organ or gland dysfunctions which can adversely affect your health. An imbalance in any of these areas can cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health problems.

Nutrtional Response Testing

1.  Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a non-invasive method to determine the underlying causes of your condition using acupuncture points. We use touch, not needles, to determine which part of the body needs help. Each point represents a specific organ, tissue or function, and NRT indicates their health. Using Nutrition Response Testing we check each organ individually for bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses, metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, scars and food allergies. Once the cause is found we can eliminate it and rebuild the unhealthy organ using a Designed Clinical Nutrition program. 
2.  Designed Clinical Nutrition is our way of testing specific remedies and proper dosage to find the best treatment for your body. Never are two people alike in remedies and dosage. Everyone has a unique chemical makeup, and requires specific remedies—no matter what TV commercials say.
3. Nutrition Response Testing saves our patients the money and frustration that come with trial-and-error, self-diagnosing and “self-medicating.” 
4. The market is full of homeopathies, botanicals, vitamins, whole food nutritionals, probiotics, Omegas, nutraceuticals, detoxes, hormone creams and aroma therapies, each with varying effectiveness. Our Designed Clinical Nutrition program creates a regimen of supplements and treatments that work together for your holistic, whole-body wellness. Our practitioners and our patients choose not to receive their health education from pharmaceutical ads.
5.  Using Nutrition Response Testing we determine what will assist your body to heal, both physically and emotionally. Once we discover and eliminate the cause of your poor health, we can help restore you to optimal health. Quality of life is important to our patients—and our goal is to restore your health quickly and inexpensively.
6. Children respond especially well to Nutrition Response Testing. No needles are ever used, and we offer many options with your child’s Designed Clinical Nutrition: even yummy liquid supplements. Detoxing a child from metals, chemicals, and food allergies can be dangerous and a do-it-yourself approach can aggravate your child’s allergies and toxins. We specialize in clinically treating children with ADHD, ADD, Tourette’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, learning disorders, behavioral issues, anxiety and Autism-spectrum Disorders.
7. The most common quotes we hear from our patients are these: “I’ve been to so many specialists and they still don’t know what’s wrong”; “I just don’t want to put my child on medications anymore”; “I’ve been taking medications and the side effects are worse than the illness”; “The medications worked for a little while, then stopped”; “ I know something’s wrong, but my blood test came back normal”; “I’ve spent a fortune on alternative healing in the past and I can’t take a hundred pills a day.” If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. We can restore your health, once and for all.