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Emotional-Energetic Techniques

Allergy Elimination through Metabolic Balancing

Metabolic Balancing is a comprehensive system for assessing, identifying, and treating substance sensitivities (both food and environmental) with the goal of eliminating undesirable physical and emotional symptoms. Metabolic Balancing weaves together disciplines of the East and West for a unique combination. This method is non-invasive and utilizes energy medicine, Chinese acupressure, meridian therapy, homeopathy, detoxification and nutrition.

Statistics indicate that 50% of people entering their doctor’s offices are seeking answers to the misery of allergic reactions to what they inhale, ingest or contact in their environment every day. The “lucky” patients have isolated the specific allergen and are avoiding it, but for the “unlucky” the allergen either cannot be avoided without total isolation or it remains undiagnosed, resulting in severe and chronic illnesses.