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Bio-Energetic feedback

Bio-Energetic feedback is an informational tool that allows for a very detailed conversation between your body and the practitioner at Healing Alternatives. Bio-Energetic feedback is based on energy feedback through meridian pathways. These meridians have been used for healing in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. "Qi," or your life force energy passes through these meridians. Bio-Energetic medicine uses a combination of these meridians and meridians discovered by Dr. Rienhart Voll.

Energy flows on specific pathways throughout the body. Physical, chemical, or emotional stressors can cause the organs to malfunction, blood to stagnate, and energy to become blocked. The function and healing process of vital body parts are affected at this point and although extreme health problems have been observed, it is more often not noticed at all. If the condition is allowed to go untreated, the body will attempt to support the affected area, but as the problem increases, the area starts to degenerate. The longer the condition is allowed to go untreated, the less chance there is for recovery. What began as a minor problem or discomfort may lead to extensive damage.

How does it work?

The body's skin is electrically conductive. This conductivity changes when the body is exposed to various stressors. This change in conductivity is called Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).

Bio-Energetic Feedback works by assessing changes in the electrical conductance of the body when it's exposed to these stressors. The body is a wonderfully self-healing mechanism. So when certain parts of it are under stress, the body knows this. Bio-energetic feedback feeds small amounts of frequencies or wavelengths into the body, watching for sensitivity, inflammation and chronic degeneration around body systems, organs, and glands. The program measures the body's response, creating a virtual conversation with the body.

A couple of terms:

  • Stress - The Body's Response to Any Stressor
  • Stressor - May Take the Form of Bacteria, Viruses, Traumatic Experience, Injury, Nutritional deficiencies, Chemicals, Metals, Pesticides, etc.

The body accommodates stressors with stress. If a stressor goes unchecked, it will cause problems in the body over time. So, what does your body need to combat the stressors of everyday life?

Detoxification? Nutritional Support? Massage? Acupuncture? Homeopathics? Lifestyle Management? Dietary Changes?

There is no blanket answer to combating stressors. The Bio-Energetic testing systems allow the practitioners at Healing Alternatives, Inc. to come up with a specialized treatment that caters to the individual.

What Type of Bio-Energetic Testing Systems do you use at Healing Alternatives, Inc.?

Healing Alternatives currently has the advantage of using the state of the art Bio-Feedback testing system, the Zyto-LSA Pro.


The information below contains excerpts from "Understanding Deviation Rations (dR) and Bio-Communication and Reproducibility, by Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD as well as explanations from http://www.zyto.com/

The ZYTO machine is a technology that creates a virtual conversation with the client.  A hand cradle is used to connect a client to the program. "The conversation between the computer and the patient takes the form of a stimulus-response exercise. The computer asks a question by sending a signal to the patient, called a virtual stressor. Upon receiving the signal the patient's body will respond, measured as a shift in GSR (galvanic skin response) at the point of contact with the hand cradle. ZYTO software records and analyzes this data and displays it in a way that is easily understood by the operator."

What types of information will you receive from ZYTO Testing?

The ZYTO system allows the practitioners at Healing Alternatives to look at the health of the organs and the systems of the body. We'll be able to tell you what is stressed and imbalanced, for you specifically, and what we can do to put the systems back in balance. The ZYTO creates a full "Stress Profile" through the conversation it has with your body. There are over 40,000 frequencies and wavelengths of  foods, allergens, viruses, toxins, bacteria, etc. that can be tested for stress levels and then balanced back into homeostasis.

What should you expect if you visit us for ZYTO Testing?

These tests are very easy for any client. You'll sit in a comfortable chair, and place your hand on the cradle, and we'll do the rest. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to remove any metal objects you may be wearing, your cell phone, or cumbersome jewelry.

Why choose the ZYTO biocommunication device?

EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) was developed in the 1950’s by celebrated German physician Reinhold Voll, MD. The Voll Scale depicted variations from ideal or normal values of electrical response, providing practitioners with information about potential issues in specific areas of the body. 


The EAV technique began being computerized around 1980. This process involved using frequencies as virtual representations of medicines and tracking the effects on the body - similar to Voll’s process of moving actual medicine into proximity of the body. Some early measurement devices included the Dermatron, Acupath 1000 and the Interro. Subsequent developments included the Bio-meridian devices such as the MSA which measured the impedance in the body’s meridians accessed at acupuncture points on the skin, while still utilizing the Voll scale.

Galvanic skin response, the well-developed method of monitoring stress responses that is commonly used in applications like polygraph tests and biofeedback, is incorporated into the next-generation technology of bio-energetic feedback, culminating in what we use here today. 

ZYTO technology, including the ZYTO Hand Cradle is the latest development in biocommunication health assessment devices.

ZYTO continuously pursues product enhancements and further development of the technology. We use the ZYTO cradle to record the body’s galvanic skin responses, measuring the baseline status of the body, and then introducing a variety of remedies including botanicals, nutraceuticals, homeopathics and other medicinals to find a combination that results in energetic balance.


 *Source:  http://www.zyto.com/