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Are you one of millions of people who suffer from daily pain in the neck, shoulders or low back?

Do you experience tension, tingling or numbness in these areas or in your arms or legs?

Does your pain tend to come and go or is it constant? How long have you suffered with it and how frequently? Has it tended to get worse over time? What is it like for you when it is at its very worst? What does it restrict you from doing? How does it affect your family, your co-workers, your hobbies and your quality of life?

Does it frustrate you that you’ve tried many things only to achieve temporary relief at best? Would you like to be rid of your pain ONCE AND FOR ALL??

Pain is a very common problem caused by a variety of reasons. Acupuncture treatment for pain is varied and based largely on what is causing the suffering. Available treatments include acupuncture along selected meridian points, which are energy pathways throughout the body, along with moxibustion, massage and Homeopathy.