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Angela's Kitchen

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At Healing Alternatives, we know it can be tough to be the one always cooking for yourself and your family.  Many of us enlist Angela’s amazing skills to help us! 

About Angela

Angela’s culinary quest to open her kitchen to others has been a twenty-five year journey.  Known for only the healthiest, purest ingredients, her first ingredient is love. Specifically, her love for her son and his need for healthy meals. She knows from personal experience the negative effects of mass market meals that aren't holistic and healthy. Angela and her son share autoimmune difficulties and allergies to gluten, dairy, corn, soy, fragrances, chemicals and dyes. 

As their dietary demands intensified, Angela tried many different diets and found a holistic approach to cooking to support the needs of the immune system.  From there, her passion grew, a passion now shared by her clients who rave about her meals being the best tasting and at the same time, improving their health. Satisfied customers keep coming back and spreading the word to others who struggle with the same issues and those who just want to eat healthy.

The magic of Angela's cooking combines her creative cooking skills plus her expertise in creating healthier alternatives to replace the unhealthy foods we crave.  Her diverse menu eliminates all processed foods and is fully organic and non GMO resulting in improved health and great taste without the hassle of allergic reactions.                        

Angela's Kitchen - strong immunity combined with great taste.


Step 1

 Email all orders and questions to 


Order by Sunday for Thursday Pick Up

Step 2

Once order is received a confirmation email will be sent with invoice total due upon delivery.

Payments made by cash or checks only please.

Step 3

Deliveries made to Healing Alternatives every Thursday at 4:30pm

(other pick up available upon request)

All items are delivered frozen and should be kept in refrigerator or freezer until consumed.