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The Harmonizer

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The Harmonizer is a wellness service available in our office.  Like the other ZYTO products we use here, The Harmonizer session begins with a scan. During the scan, magnetic and light frequencies needed to balance you are measured by the hand cradle and software application. The Harmonizing Process will create an electromagnetic field around the body. The pulsing light frequencies you show the most coherence for will be introduced into this field simultaneously for maximum benefit. There will options for homeopathy to support your experience after you leave the office. 

There are many studies from other countries around the world that indicate the healing power of magnets and light frequencies.  The magnets in The Harmonizer are infused with various beneficial minerals below and above the chair.  The process of harmonizing your body doesn’t begin or end with magnets. During the process, the Harmonizer also introduces pulsing light frequencies into the magnetic field created by the alternating polarities of the magnets. The light frequencies are based on the results of your ZYTO scan, making this a highly personalized process that’s based on your biological coherence.

Benefits may include:

  • More energy
  • A feeling of being "put back together"
  • Increased serenity, or mental calmness
  • A better mood
  • A balanced, grounded feeling

Physical “dis-ease” is energetic and emotional before it is physical.  Surely, the future of medicine is altering a person’s energetic body before diseases become ingrained in their physicality.  Our goal in offering this technology is to keep peoples energetic body’s balanced, therefore doing everything in our power to offer them a healthier future. 

Please give the office a call for scheduling.  Sessions are $25.00 each.   You do not have to be a current patient.