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An Opportunity to Support Central Florida's Most Vulnerable Families

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Events,

Fleet Farming is a bike-pedaled urban agriculture program which converts underutilized lawn space into micro-farms called “farmlettes”.  A percentage of the crop goes back to the owner, but the remainder of the produce is distributed to local restaurants and farmers markets in order to stimulate the local economy by keeping the revenue in the neighborhood and creating job opportunities. Healing Alternatives is joining in the effort to fund-raise for this non-profit group, as well as participate "hands-on" in the building of this garden.

The Remington Inn is home to some of Central Florida’s most needy families.  This is often a transition housing option right before homelessness.  By investing in this project, the children and families there will have an option for healthy food and the experience of growing it themselves.

For some articles on the Remington Inn:

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Project Proposal: 

Adding raised beds to the center courtyard of the Remington Inn & Suites located in Altamonte Springs, and planning seasonal curriculum for a gardening program. Please visit the link Remington Inn Garden Proposal for a complete description of the program.


Donation Page

Please specifically write "Remington Inn" for each donation so we can track how much is coming in for this specific build. There is a space for notes directly on the page and anyone filling out the page can write Remington inn.