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Conventional vs. Integrative Costs

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Uncategorized,

Let's talk about something you don't hear about very often: the cost of functional medicine.

We often get asked why we do not accept insurance, and why such lengthy appointments are necessary. Simply put, we cannot offer integrative care at a conventional cost.

When a physician's office contracts with insurance, they are bound to restrictive fee schedules wherein the insurance company decides what they reimburse and for how much. Therefore, doctors must see tens of patients daily for only brief increments of time in order to receive adequate reimbursement to operate their business.

We want a different model of care. Patients deserve better. Our providers consistently research, educate themselves, and think outside the box in order to provide health care centered around organic, bio-identical resources, along with your body's natural ability to heal. For this reason, it is difficult to accommodate 15 minute appointments or a series of email correspondence without scheduling a more in-depth consultation.

We are happy to provide a transparent quote on your upcoming appointment fee at any time. It is our belief that, while conventional care may be cheaper, your ultimate well-being is priceless.