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Gluten Free Class at Healing Alternatives!

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Events,

At Healing Alternatives, we have been very excited by the positive health changes discovered by many patients that are going gluten-free. Based on some new laboratory testing we have started using, we’ve discovered that far more people have sensitivity to gluten (wheat, barley, oats, millet, etc.) than we ever knew.

Strong>Going gluten free, we’ve noticed clients:

•Lessen or completely end gastrointestinal discomfort
•Have clearer thoughts
•Feel more energized
•Have stabilized blood sugar

Meditation Class - Feb 2012

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Events,

February’s meditation class will be on 02/06 at 6:30pm. This month we will feature an energy building and maintaining meditation as well as grounding techniques. This meditation helps people feel more energized, protect and preserve their own energy and keeps everything flowing in a healthy and smooth way. This month’s class will be taught by Lisa Beaury and will include an activity and two meditations.

February Movie Night – THRIVE

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Events,

Date: February 10, 2012
Time: 7pm – 9:30pm (This movie is a bit over 2 hours long, so we will be starting promptly at 7pm!!)
Location: Healing Alternatives – 125 West Pineview Street, #1009 – Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
PLEASE RSVP: 407-682-7111 or lisa.halternatives at gmail.com

Despacho Ceremony – 01/07/12

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Events,

Happy 2012….This coming year will be a beautiful 12 months of exciting changes in our world and within us.

We invite you to this gathering of community and light. I can think of no better way to bring in this time, then with the magic and ritual of the Andean Despacho. Ancient people once sat together in these circles and we now sit together again to commune, celebrate and align the brightest energy Earth has ever experienced. There are no words to the feelings of what is happening to each of us, so the most effortless way to express ourselves is to share in a collective intent and energy. This energy is what we call Love. This energy is what we call Oneness. Now is the time

January Movie Night – 1/13/12 – “The Shift”

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Events,

Where: Healing Alternatives, Inc. – 125 West Pineview Street, #1009 – Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, 407-682-7111 Date: January 13, 2012 Time: 7pm-9pm

Our intention is to offer an opportunity for enlightening experiences and engaging discussion. On January 13th we will be showing The Shift, a Wayne Dyer Movie.

Live Stream – Esther Hicks and Abraham

Written by Lisa Beaury. Posted in Esther Hicks - Abraham,

Date: Saturday, January 21, 2012
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Place: Healing Alternatives

This is a live presentation from Esther Hicks. It be broadcasted from San Diego, Arizona and we’ll watch it on the big screen in our office! Feel free to bring snacks or lunch! The workshop is about 4 hours long. You can come for all or part of it. A minimal donation is requested to cover the cost of the live streaming video.